83 New Yorkers in ‘Voluntary Isolation‘ for Coronavirus Testing

As many as 83 residents of Long Island, New York, are facing a two-week “voluntary isolation” after returning from China or having with someone infected with the Coronavirus. Officials report no confirmed cases in the Nassau County area.

In a press conference Wednesday, Nassau County health officials reported they are monitoring 83 people in Long Island who have either recently returned from China or who may have had with a person infected with the Coronavirus, PIX11 in New York . Officials stress there are no confirmed cases within the group.

Nassau County Commissioner of Health Dr. Lawrence Eisenstein told reporters COVID-19 is still a new virus and officials “still don’t have answers.”

Nassau County Executive Larua Curran told reporters, “We’re monitoring this situation in Nassau very, very closely and have been right from the beginning to respond to any cases should they emerge in our county,” the New York Post .

The officials stated the 83 isolated patients are required to report their temperature and any symptoms to local health officials every day. They again stressed that “no one has been diagnosed with the virus.” Five residents have been tested for the virus and one is reportedly awaiting test results, ABC6 in New York .

“Should someone need medical care, we’ll evaluate it and we have protocols in place to safely get them medical care,” Dr. Eisenstein told the gathered reporters.

While currently there are as many as 57 confirmed Coronavirus cases in the U.S., none are in New York, officials reported.

In total, Nassau County health officials report that 175 residents have placed themselves in “voluntary isolation.”

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