John Legend Stumps for Elizabeth Warren: We Cannot Wait Any Longer to Undo the Evil Trump Has Unleashed

Grammy and Oscar-winning singer and constant Trump-hater John Legend praised Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) as “brilliant” while stumping for the presidential hopeful in South Carolina on Wednesday, telling the crowd that we “cannot wait any longer to undo all the evil, all the corruption that Trump has unleashed.”

Legend, who publicly support for the Massachusetts senator in October, hit the campaign trail for Warren in the Palmetto State on Wednesday, just days ahead of the state’s Democrat primary. While he said he planned to stay quiet and “work my butt off to make sure Trump was a one-term president” regardless of the nominee, he said one candidate “stood out from the rest,” which inspired him to speak up.

“We cannot wait any longer to undo all the evil, all the corruption that Trump has unleashed in the last few years,” the Voice host told the audience at South Carolina State University, bragging of his confidence in Warren and calling her “brilliant”:

“I know the bar is really low right now,” Legend said. “We have a president who embarrasses this country. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a woman of Senator Warren’s brilliance replacing him?”

Legend told the crowd that he was “happy” to report that he already cast his vote for Warren in California, telling the audience “I already marked my choice” in pen and adding that Warren is running to “give democracy back to its rightful owners.”

“She supports creating a commission on reparations for the descendants of enslaved people,” he said, taking shots at Mike Bloomberg (D) along the way. “Unlike Mayor Bloomberg, she knows that housing discrimination through redlining has been a national tragedy.”

“She doesn’t spend time wining and dining billionaires,” the All of Me singer, whose net worth reportedly $45 million, told the audience. “She might just personally call you and say thank you.”

Legend follows a long list of celebrities who have backed Warren’s bid, including actress Ashley Judd, Trump-basher Patricia Arquette, and most recently, actor Jack Black.

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