The Provincial Court of Madrid has ordered the reopening of the judicial investigation on the supposed box b of Podemos , the so-called Caja de Solidaridad , where the elected officials of the formation enter the difference between the limitation of their salary and their real salary.

This is how the magistrates of the Hearing correct the judge who in October 2020 decided to archive the case . From Podemos they point out that in the cases against them “nothing is surprising” because “you see things that would hardly be seen with another investigated”. “It is an investigation aimed at appearing in the media, ” they say.

The Vice President of the Government and Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Pablo Iglesias. The former lawyer of Podemos accuses Iglesias and Montero before the judge of using a party employee as a nanny.

“Once the agreed steps have been carried out, its result has confirmed the existence of indications of the possible commission of a crime”, can be read in the judicial document to which 20Minutos has had access . The case began after the complaint of the former lawyer of the formation, José Manuel Calvente , who exposed the alleged commission of a crime of unfair administration of the funds from box b, “since they are used not for the purposes for which they are it constituted said Solidarity Fund except for an alleged payment to a party member. ”

Calvente based his complaint on the request for 50,000 euros to box b made by Comunicación Popular, an association that in the judicial document indicates that it is formed in its “majority” by party members.

Of course, Escalonilla affirmed that there was “no indication that said association did not carry out the activity for which it was established, nor, and therefore, that said amounts received from Podemos, which may come from the Solidarity Fund, are only for carry out said activity “.

The second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, during a control session of the Executive, in Madrid (Spain), on December 16, 2020. This control session of the Government is held after seven hours of debate on the state of

The judge files the cause of the works of the Podemos headquarters but maintains the investigation on Neurona.

However, the Provincial Court now says that “it is reasonable ” to think that “there is a disguised link between that association and Podemos” that “could have been used to operate outside the inspection activity of the Court of Accounts, to the benefit of some, to the detriment of the rest of the members of Podemos and of the social purposes to which the funds should be dedicated ”.

It has been found that, of the request for 50,000 euros, 30,000 were transferred and that the training “has not provided information on whether it granted this amount.”

“It remains to know the destination of these amounts, as well as, where appropriate, the people who authorized the disposal of the money and the final beneficiaries, issues necessary for determining the eventual existence of the crime and its perpetrators,” conclude the magistrates .

Likewise, they also accept the appearance in the case of Celia Cánovas , a lawyer and former senator of Podemos, who denounced the party for an alleged crime of money laundering. He based his accusation on the donation of 3,000 euros to the Solidarity Fund. However, he said, Podemos counted a donation of 5,000, so he wants to know where the remaining 2,000 euros are .

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