Since she was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis , about two years ago, the life of Mette-Marit from Norway has changed dramatically, which has been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, since she is a risk group, reducing to a minimum his public appearances . But recently he has granted an interview and has left the odd headline.

We must start by saying that almost all of his official commitments, like this one at hand, are carried out electronically through a screen, since at the beginning of January he suffered a skiing accident that caused a broken tailbone from which is still recovering.

The princess consort for her marriage to the heir Haakon Magnus, the eldest son of kings Harald V and Sonja Haraldsen, has participated in an interview with the podcast with the presenter Else Kåss Furuseth for the state television channel of the Norwegian country NRK .

It was her first solo appearance this year and the host of the space has not hesitated to gain her trust in the beginning with a joke such as, for example, if she really enjoys skiing or is it something she does because she is part of the royal family Norway.

“I really like skiing. Right now I just started doing it again, because somehow I managed to break my tailbone just before Christmas. It was a bummer,” began Mette-Marit, who will turn 48 in 2021.

“Not because I’m the crown princess or anything like that, but, above all, because I was alone, on the ground, with my children, and all of them thinking it was very embarrassing. And it hurt so much that I couldn’t stop complaining . I laughed and cried because, really, is the worst I have experienced pain , “said the princess.

Also, and after admitting that she feels a little “ashamed” about her reduced schedule due to her illness, the royaltie spoke of the other issue on the table: her marriage to Haakon and how it was very difficult for her to deal with all the weight of the media about it.

Especially since a significant percentage of the Norwegian population was against her becoming queen one day when she had already had a son from a previous relationship, Marius Borg Høiby , whom various media still persecute and make headlines like the one she outraged. to Mette-Marit and her husband and that he called the young man’s girlfriend a “Playboy girl” .

“There are some periods of my life, especially the first months of my relationship with Haakon, in which even to this day I cannot think about them without making me want to vomit”, admitted Mette-Marit from Norway about those times when Those who were the subject of enormous media pressure, The heiress will turn 20 years married to the prince in August, with whom she has two children: Ingrid Alexandra, 17, and Sverre Magnus, 15.

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