The president of the hotel association of the Valencian Community (Hosbec), Toni Mayor, has predicted that this will be “the week with the largest bookings in the history of tourism” by the British, who have launched to book “in a massive way ”And for all summer months.

“There is a desire to take revenge” on the coronavirus and for that “there is nothing better than going on vacation,” explained Mayor after holding a meeting with the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, to address the de-escalation in the hotel sector of the Community Valencian.

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As he explained, they are receiving “massive” reservations as of May 17, the date on which the British Government points out that their de-escalation could take place , although it has explained that on March 12 there will be a new meeting of the British Executive to see if this process is advanced or delayed ”, according to the evolution of the infections.

The United Kingdom is the main source of foreign visitors to Benidorm, one of the tourist capitals of the Mediterranean. It is also the main market for the entire Spanish tourism sector, which in 2019 served 18 million Britons.

“Maybe we will open on May 1, instead of May 17,” pointed out the president of the Hotel Business Association of Benidorm, Costa Blanca and the Valencian Community, according to Efe. Mayor has considered that the British have seen that the de-escalation process is “almost achieved” and are beginning to reserve “for the whole summer.”

He has indicated that the reserves were already going “very well” for the months of August, September and October, when it is estimated that 90% of the British population may already be vaccinated, but now reservations are being made for earlier, from mid-May . Today, the UK has inoculated about 19 million first doses in a total population of 66.6 million.

“We already signed if half the summer season is saved,” said Mayor, who has also considered that the passport that is being talked about in order to travel – for which it would be necessary to be vaccinated against the covid or provide a PCR or antigen test negative – should be “universal” and serve all countries of the world.

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