Sants celebrates the release of his neighbor arrested during the protests. Hundreds of people demonstrate in the neighborhood against the arrests after the imprisonment of Pablo Hasél and in defense of “basic rights”.

Hundreds of people have demonstrated this Saturday morning through the streets of Sants to celebrate the freedom , on Friday, of the neighbor of the neighborhood who was arrested in the protests in favor of Pablo Hasél last Sunday. The neighbor, a well-known person in the area, thanked the support for the march through the tavern he runs in Sants .

The spokeswoman for the support group, Elena Santiago, explained that the march is also to show that “we must continue fighting because there are still reprisals in prison and basic rights are being attacked.” “We need more than ever to strengthen this popular support to never let such repression pass again, “reads the manifesto read at the end of the protest.

After a banner that read ‘ Enough of repression , reprisal freedom, let’s take care, let’s fight, let’s go out into the streets’, hundreds of neighbors and people from entities of Sants have demonstrated during the morning.

Along the way they have stopped in front of some spaces to carry out specific actions. In front of the tavern La Bauxa has been where the most emotional moment has been lived, where Carles, the neighbor who is now free, has raised his fists thanking the support received these days.

Freedom for all
The protesters have made graffiti demanding the freedom of the people detained in the demonstrations and the acquittal of Carles. They have also thrown firecrackers and stopped traffic on Avenida de Madrid for half an hour.

The spokeswoman, Elena Santiago, regretted that the judge’s order prevented the neighbor from attending demonstrations. “We will continue fighting for Carlos to be acquitted and to release all the reprisals, ” he added. “It has been seen that if they touch one of us, they touch us all is not a slogan, it is a reality,” he added.

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