Three arrested for forcing a young woman to prostitute herself 23 hours a day in Palma de Mallorca. The victim had contracted a debt of 2,000 euros and lived in a downtown apartment in “subhuman” conditions.

The National Police have arrested three people for prostituting a young woman who was forced to work 23 hours a day in a central apartment in Palma de Mallorca, without the right to rest any day and with the obligation to pay 50% of each service to their exploiters.

Last Thursday, two men , aged 36 and 32, and a woman aged 25, were arrested , all of them Colombians , as alleged perpetrators of a crime of trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation.

Operation ‘Island’ began last November as a result of the complaint from the victim himself , who lived in Colombia. The main detainee offered to travel to Palma to practice prostitution for him, incurring a debt of 2,000 euros .

He accepted due to the serious economic situation he was experiencing. The leader of the plot sent the money for the ticket and other expenses to a relative of the girl, so that the Police could not trace the money in case of a complaint.

Once in Palma she was forced to work tirelessly to pay back the money . Half of each service was for the plot. “The conditions in which she had to prostitute herself were subhuman,” the police asserted in a statement, stating that she was controlled at all times to generate money .

The floor where she was prostituted is known on social networks and among advertisers on transsexual contact pages. After a few months, the victim left for Santa Cruz de Tenerife, leaving a debt of 800 euros pending, so the members of this gang sent him threatening messages to pay him off.

The National Police recalls that it has the telephone line 900 10 50 90 and the email [email protected] to facilitate citizen collaboration and anonymous and confidential complaints of this type of crime, without the call being reflected in the telephone bill .

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