The former Minister of Economy Rodrigo Rato has accused the Public Prosecutor, the Tax Agency and the Central Operative Unit (UCO ) of the Civil Guard, as well as the Laundering Prevention Service (SEPBLAC) , of carrying out an “extrajudicial and prospective investigation ” against him within the framework of the case that is being investigated in the Court of Instruction Number 31 of Madrid for the alleged illicit origin of his assets.

In a letter sent to the judge, he denounced that the documentation provided by the UCO and by the Anti-Fraud Office (ONIF) that was delivered to the parties last January “is the obvious and graphic evidence of the extrajudicial and prospective investigation that has been doing for more than six years with respect to the person of Rodrigo Rato and his closest environment “.

“In effect, a parallel investigation has been carried out, behind the back of the court and the defenses, coordinated by the UCO, the AEAT, the SEPBLAC and the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office assigned to this case”, has maintained the defense of the was vice president of the Government.

Consequently, it has requested the examiner to nullify all the documentation that would be part of this “parallel investigation”, as it was obtained – according to it – without a court order, for referring to people and companies that “are not related to the present cause “or related to separate pieces already on file.

Rato’s lawyer has demanded that all this information be excluded from the body of evidence, although at the same time she has stated that, “for evidential and record purposes”, it be added to “a separate piece of reserved documentary to which the parties with legitimate interest for the defense of their procedural interests “.

In addition, he has warned that “this action has severe procedural consequences”, anticipating that “it could even lead to financial liability and damages due to a malfunction of the Justice”.

“And it is that, the actions of the officials that we denounce, who have tirelessly investigated all the movements of my sponsor and all the societies with which he or the people of his closest circle have had any relationship – since the 90s -, is a rude and absolute waste of public resources whose sole purpose has been to build an ‘ad hoc’ case against Rodrigo Rato – who six years later is still in the investigation phase – “, he wielded.

Family and business information
As it did in another letter addressed to the investigating court on the same date, February 16, Rato’s defense has reproached the investigators for having included information regarding “their relatives and companies that have nothing to do with the present proceeding.” .

In this regard, an email entitled ‘RR family information’, from May 2017, has been highlighted, by which the Tax Agency sends the UCO documentation on María Soledad Rato Bernaldo . The AEAT draws attention to “a September 2009 of Rato’s famous aunt.” “There is no waste,” he comments to the Central Operational Unit.

Among the family members who, according to the brief, “have been investigated shamelessly,” would be his daughter Ana Rato Alarcó , of whom it is said in the documentation that her banking operations “would not be the normal one for a student, as she receives transfers of a portfolio of investment funds, “with which the investigators suspect that Rato could have transferred assets to him” in order to avoid possible seizures derived from his criminal responsibilities.

It has also expressed its “astonishment” to find among the documentation received “reports made by the SEPBLAC of which a copy has never been provided to the parties.” “But it is more amazing, if possible, to learn that said Executive Service has been investigating our sponsor and his family environment since 2014!

That is, before the initiation of this procedure– and until 2018! -with the case already prosecuted- “, he emphasized.

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