The president of Foment del Traball , Josep Sánchez Llibre , has proposed a “peaceful revolt” of the business sector to defend the economy if there is no new strong and cohesive Government that values ​​the productive economy, and which he demands to govern for all the Catalans and resolve the political conflict between Catalonia and the rest of Spain .

In an interview with Europa Press, the leader of the Catalan employers’ association has indicated that Foment is willing to lead this movement together with other organizations to defend civil society and force governments to dedicate all their efforts to overcome the serious economic situation.

Sánchez Llibre has said that he will not give up defending the productive economy and the business sectors: “We cannot stay at home, we have to influence, we cannot leave the economy in the hands of politicians alone,” he defended.

“The jobs are created by the entrepreneurs , the DOGC does not create the jobs. We want to encourage them, because we will not stand still. If it is necessary to carry out this peaceful revolt in defense of the economy, economic sectors and freedoms, we will do it,” he said. .

He has also warned that there is great concern in Catalonia about the events that took place last week “from the point of view of defending the economy and the company”, in reference to the street protests derived from the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél, and has estimated the damage to commerce in Barcelona at around two million euros .

Sánchez Llibre has welcomed 11,000 million euros in aid from the central government for tourism, hospitality and small businesses, but has demanded that it be explained “quickly” how they will reach the sectors that are in crisis, and the has described as insufficient. “We will continue to claim around 40,000 million euros of direct aid, which is what other companies in countries such as France and Italy have received,” he said.

He described this plan as an aperitif of what the Spanish economy needs and added that the State has mechanisms to put more money on the table: “That they do not have such a high rate of greed regarding these resources, which will save jobs.”

He has considered that the situation could lead to an avalanche of insolvencies next semester if the central government does not have agility and does not turn on the high lights so that the Spanish economy also needs these aid and “enough billions.”

He warned that 2020 has been a lost year and that in 2021 it will also be for many sectors if “these direct aid” do not arrive, he has criticized the lack of culture of the central government about what the productive economy is, and sees it more obsessed with the deficit and public debt when, according to him, there is no solution for it not to increase.

Regarding a possible cancellation of the debt in ICO loans, Sánchez Llibre has affirmed that, in view of the lack of consensus between the bank and the State, they do not want to insist on this possibility: “If the bank and the central administration of the State, we do not enter “

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