The CUP has conditioned this Saturday its support for the new Government , which negotiates with ERC and JxCat, to the fulfillment of the three main pillars of its program: a reform of the Mossos d’Esquadra model, a shock plan to rescue the sectors most affected by the crisis and a self-determination referendum.

This was explained at a press conference by the elected deputies Eulàlia Reguant and Carles Riera after the meeting of their Political Council, in which the conditions to form a Government were debated and the open scenarios as a result of the Catalan elections were analyzed , in those that obtained nine seats.

“The program is our priority. They are not the chairs at all,” said Riera, who has avoided specifying whether they will enter the executive, but has indicated that they will be “in a position to assume all the responsibilities that are necessary without repression being a limit”.

Three goals
In this sense, he has indicated that they will take the “institutional position” that seems most “appropriate” to them at all times to have “more strength and capacity” to assume the three programmatic objectives that they have placed as a ‘sine qua non’ condition to agree on the new Catalan executive.

“We are waiting for the events that will guide us so that the militancy decides, ” added the deputy of the anti-capitalist formation.

The CUP has avoided specifying what role it will adopt in this new legislature after on Friday they offered to preside over the Parliament , a chamber that, Riera stressed, will have a “fundamental” role to stop “fascism” and defend democracy and the rights when the Constitutional Court wants to limit them “, despite the” repressive consequences “that this may entail.

The responsability
“If this is the approach of the legislature, of an antifascist pact and defense of the sovereignty of the Parliament before the TC, we are also willing to assume all the responsibilities, but absolutely never the fact that we occupy a position in the Month a will mean an exchange of chairs “, he emphasized.

The anti-capitalist formation has thus called to give “a radical 180 degree turn” to the Government and the Parliament so that both institutions are “instruments at the service of the people, democracy and the needs of the majority”, as well as a ” shield “and a” wall “for the protection of social, civil and political rights.

As Reguant has detailed, the demands of the CUP are to “stop the bleeding” suffered by Catalonia, such as the “violation of basic and fundamental rights”, including housing or protest, or reform of the public order model of the Mossos d’Esquadra.

The investiture
In fact, within the framework of the negotiations for an investiture agreement, the CUP and ERC have already outlined possible changes in the police model, which include a moratorium on the use of foam bullets and on the participation of riot control units in evictions, as well as the cessation of private accusations by the Generalitat in cases against activists.

A pre-agreement to which they have urged JxCat to “respond” and join it, “just as ERC did.”

The second condition of the CUP consists of a commitment to “build the foundations of a new country” based on “rights and freedoms, feminism, equality and ecological transition.”

” Bread, shelter, work and health for all”, has summarized Riera, who has remarked that these objectives will only be possible in an independent Catalonia because they are incompatible with “a regime and a State at the service of the Ibex 35 and a corrupt monarchy” .

Finally, the training has proposed a rescue plan for those most affected by the crisis derived from covid-19 with the intention of turning this legislature into a guarantee of “quality public services, universal, free and absolutely for all without exclusions” .

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