The Minister of Health of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha , Jesús Fernández Sanz, has warned that the region should reach the days before Easter with better epidemiological parameters than those of mid-December to consider keeping the autonomous borders open in the face to that vacation period.

Fernández Sanz has indicated that in any case there are still weeks to analyze that decision, after which he has appealed to the “responsibility of citizens” and to convince the social “minority” that does not respect the rules so that they begin to comply.

Although he has affirmed that he is in favor of “not closing” the regional borders, he recalled that at Christmas the doors were opened and a minority part of society “was not supportive” with the vast majority.

In addition, he pointed out that while neighboring communities present much worse data than Castilla-La Mancha, they will be “very careful” with decisions regarding community perimetration.

“We have to take care of mobility . I am in favor of not opening until we are sure that in other autonomous communities they are the same as us,” he said.

Waiting for the ruling of the CCAA
Now, as he recalled, the Interterritorial Health Council has commissioned the autonomous communities with a preliminary document that reflects proposals for measures to be adopted at Easter.

With this scenario, Fernández Sanz has advocated “learning” from the experience of last Christmas when making “decisions and similar behaviors” in terms of territorial perimetration or curfews.

Now the objective is to arrive at Easter “with the most adequate data ” in parameters such as the accumulated incidence, the hospital occupation or the contagion index, figures where Castilla-La Mancha presents good records.

National guardianship supporter after state of alarm
In another vein, he has been in favor of the fact that every time the current state of alarm comes to an end on May 9, the national government maintains protection in some decisions , suggesting that it must be the state authority that gives guidelines to the autonomous communities in aspects such as curfews or perimeter closures.

Thus, he has defended that in any case the co-governance with the autonomous communities since the beginning of the de-escalation “has worked well”, but there are decisions “that compromise the country” in which he prefers that the Government of Pedro Sánchez “be the pilot ” at the time of implementing regulations, although the autonomies will have to continue doing “what corresponds to them.

“I would feel more comfortable with a government protecting national decisions because there are some actions that have a national assembly,” he reiterated.

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