Dissolved an illegal party of French university students in a home in Zaragoza. Twenty-one sanction proposals have been made and one of the young men has been arrested for resistance and disobedience.

The Civil Guard has dissolved an illegal party held at a home in the Zaragoza town of Villanueva de Gállego, in which seven people participated, all of them university students of French nationality.

In a press release, the Benemérita has reported that this Friday, February 26, at 00:00, the emergency room of the Civil Guard of Zaragoza has received a call from a citizen communicating a possible party inside a housing in said municipality.

To the place of the events, located in the urban area of ​​the population, a citizen security patrol has been transferred, verifying that there were seven individuals in the building , consuming alcoholic beverages, smoking, without a mask and with high music volume .

For all these reasons, the agents have proceeded to identify him and have proceeded to file the corresponding proposals for sanction . In addition, these young people have been reluctant to put on the masks during the Civil Guard’s performance.

Once dissolved the party, the four people who do not live in the building were have left the place and above the suspicion that these return to the home after leaving the Civil Guard, the troops have remained in the town to watch.

Indeed, at around 1:00 a.m., three of these students have been observed returning to the house and, at the moment the patrol has gone towards them, they have run through the streets of the town.

During their monitoring they have ignored the instructions of the Civil Guard to stop, taking different paths to avoid being intercepted. Minutes later, one of the students has fallen to the ground, trying to flee again and resisting identification by the agents, being arrested for resistance and serious disobedience to an agent of the authority.

In addition to the 21 proposals for sanction filed, the young people have also been denounced for not having a residence card in Spain.

The Civil Guard has reiterated the importance of citizen collaboration that allows detecting this type of irresponsible behavior in the face of the restrictions established due to the current health situation.

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