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A coronavirus patient and Diamond Princess cruise ship passenger being treated in a San Francisco hospital says he feels perfectly fine

A Diamond Princess cruise ship passenger who tested positive for the coronavirus disease is being treated at a San Francisco hospital. He said he feels perfectly fine and isn‘t experiencing any of the typical symptoms of the virus. He eats three meals a day, he exercises, reads on his Kindle, and keeps up with the news. The patient is one […]

Largest US Surgical Mask Maker Stops Taking Individual Orders

As fears mount over the Coronavirus outbreak, Prestige Ameritech, the leading manufacturer of surgical masks in the U.S., says it will no longer accept orders of its masks from individuals. reported Thursday the company is focusing on supplying masks to its hospital clients in the U.S. "If you are looking to place a one-time high volume order of masks or respirators […]

Why Indians are protesting 2 controversial laws that could leave millions of Muslims stateless

People across India are protesting two controversial citizenship laws that critics say target Muslims. The two acts, known as the NRC and the CAA, would provide a path to citizenship for several minority groups and foreigners in India, but exclude Muslims. India‘s deeply religious roots are now at odds with its secular constitution. <p In this coastal town in India, […]