‘The Conners‘ Pushes Planned Parenthood and ‘Throuples‘

As the second season of ABC sitcom, The Conners, starts wrapping up, the show went for broke with left-wing content pushing Planned Parenthood and “throuples” in its latest episode.

Tuesdays episode, “Bad Dads and Grads,” Darlene (Sara Gilbert), who has been having a baby, claimed to have visited abortion mill operator Planned Parenthood because it is “a good place to go if you’re poor and actually planning for parenthood.”

Darlene did not explain this incredible statement. About the only plans that Planned Parenthood offers parents is to end the life of their baby. For instance, a of Planned Parenthood’s most recent reporting by the Heritage Foundation finds that for every one adoption referral, the group performs 117 abortions.┬áThe organization’s latest reporting also found that non-abortion services declined significantly from 2017 to 2018.

Then came the “throuples” plotline when aunt Jackie (Lori Metcalf) was ghosted by someone she found on a dating app. But while waiting in the restaurant for a date that would not show, Jackie ended up being propositioned by a couple dining there.

The couple, Janelle (Jennifer Gray) and Ron (Clark Gregg), began wining and dining Jackie to the point where she became a bit obligated to them. Then Ron broke the ice for what they really wanted.

“We want to invite you into our relationship. Which right now feels like the most natural thing in the world,” Ron told Jackie. “So, we were looking for the right person, and then, out of the blue, you found us.”

Ron explains that they want Jackie to join them in a permanent relationship.

Later in the episode, Jackie explains what a “throuple” is to Darlene, saying, “It’s when three people have an equal relationship, just like a couple.”

Then Becky (Alicia Goranson) asks what Jackie will do if Ron wants to have sex with one of the other or both of the women, Jackie replies, “I’ll deal with that when we go up to our lake house in Door County next weekend.”

There is not yet any word if ABC is renewing The Conners for a third season, but season two has five more episodes of its 19-show order.


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